Ryan A. Colyer


I'm a 43 year old physicist and computer scientist with a background in computational method development, statistical analysis, fluorescence microscopy, digital electronics, and biophysics. My work tends to be interdisciplinary, bringing these diverse areas together for the research and development of new approaches and new devices.


I'm currently working as a Scientific Programmer at the University of Pennsylvania in the Computational Memory Lab, working on brain stimulation and EEG analysis and acquisition. Prior to this I was an Assistant Professor of Physics at Cabrini University engaged in teaching and research, and before that I held a software engineering position at a biotech startup, developing analysis and control software for a new ellipsometry imaging device. During my 3+ year postdoc in the Weiss Lab at UCLA I worked on a variety of projects. One of these involved the ongoing development of a widefield photon-counting lifetime imaging detector. Another consisted of developing a novel approach to high-throughput single-molecule spectroscopy. And a third involved the development of a new super-resolution approach called SOFI. More details about these are available on my research interests page.


My wife Claudia and I have a 15 year old son named Leo, and a 7 year old son named Niels. Leo is a colorful and bright kid who loves computers, drawing, and building things. Niels is cheerful and engaging, and loves exploring and describing everything he finds.