RC Lib  Version 201607061602
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 APtr.hA reference counting ptr that is auto-deleted as the last copy leaves scope
 Bitfield.hProvides a one-dimensional vector-like structure of packed bits
 Bitfield2D.hProvides a two-dimensional structure of packed bits
 Bitfield3D.hProvides a three-dimensional structure of packed bits
 Caller.hProvides a set of generalized functors for calling functions and methods
 Data1D.hProvides a one-dimensional vector-like structure
 Data2D.hProvides a bounds-safe two-dimensional resizeable structure
 Data3D.hProvides a bounds-safe three-dimensional resizeable structure
 Errors.hProvides informative exception handling
 File.hProvides file input and output, and file / directory tools
 Iter.hProvides a bounds-checked iterator that knows when its target was deleted
 Macros.hProvides a set of convenience macros for metaprogramming and debugging
 Net.hProvides basic cross-platform socket networking, with support for both blocking and non-blocking sending and receiving
 Ptr.hProvides a safe pointer class which throws exceptions
 PtrCommon.hCommon components for the *Ptr.h files. Do not include this directly
 PtrSharedCommon.hCommon components for the shared *Ptr.h files. Do not include directly
 RC.hThe main RC Library include file, which includes all other components
 RCBits.hProvides short convenience classes and functions
 RCconfig.hThe version information and configuration settings for RC Lib
 RevPtr.hA reference counting pointer that revokes (NULLs) all copies when one set to AutoRevoke(true) leaves scope
 RND.hProvides random number generator classes
 RStr.hProvides a robust value-added wrapper for std::string
 RTime.hProvides classes for accessing and working with dates and times
 Tuple.hProvides a Tuple class which can apply its contents as function parameters
 Types.hProvides typedefs and routines for working with primitives
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