Ryan A. Colyer

Software and Programming

Programming Libraries

RC Lib

RC Lib is a cross-platform C++ core programming library designed to speed development and provide syntactical and reliability improvements to the language.

3D Printing Designs

My 3D Printing designs and libraries, largely written in OpenSCAD, are available on Thingiverse .

Scientific Software


(To be uploaded soon.)


Phasor.h / Phasor.cpp

The Phasor.h and Phasor.cpp files used in PhasorApp are provided as a reference implementation of the phasor mathematics and phasor uncertainty equations.


HueSet is a demonstration implementation in C++ for the control of Philips Hue bulbs. It contains an example application (Linux & Windows) which controls the brightness and RGB values, and several light show modes. It also has a separable PhilipsHue.h library which can be used in other applications.

Slime Hockey

This 2D Slime Hockey game is an amusing little two player Java game I wrote during grad school.